Mitch Pennington is a Designated Pilot Examiner providing FAA practical testing for Sport Pilot through Airline Transport Pilot and Limited Experimental Aircraft Nationwide. To schedule a check ride with Mitch click the "Request Checkride" button above, complete the form then download it and email it to Mitch. For additional information about what we have to offer continue to scroll down on this page. Thanks!

Authorized to conduct the following FAA practical Test (All in Airplanes)

Sport Pilot Single Engine Land

Sport Pilot Single Engine Sea

Private Pilot Single and Multiengine Land

Instrument Rating Airplane

Commercial Pilot Single and Multiengine Land

Private and Commercial Pilot Multiengine Sea

Airline Transport Pilot Multiengine Land

Note: Applicants are welcome to furnish a tailwheel airplane for the practical test.

Schedule your next FAA Practical Test with me in Central Florida at (09FA) during the winter or at (4WV4) in the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia in the summer.  Willing to travel to your location for additional expenses when needed.

Call 304-703-5898 to set up a date and location. 

FAA Authorized Location: Placid Lakes Airport (09FA)

777 Seneca Drive NW

Lake Placid, Florida 33852

My winter office is in our Hangar/Home located at mid field just 100' from the Runway with aircraft parking available for fly in applicants.  See the AIRNAV link below for more information on (09FA).  Please note that the actual Runway width is 60' X 4800' paved and lighted.



Self service fuel 100LL and Jet A is available at the North end of Runway 36 for your convenience.

The entrance to our ramp is approximately mid field just 100 feet off the edge of the runway.

Specializing in AirCam Multiengine Seaplane Rating training and practical Test for AMES Rating.

We have a comfortable apartment at (09FA) with access from the airplane hangar for our fly in guest to relax while waiting for a practical test or stay during their accelerated flight training.

Our ramp will accommodate two aircraft at a time and there is additional parking at the North end of runway 36 for larger Multiengine aircraft.

Tie downs are available on the South side of our ramp where the Comanche is parked.

Providing practical test applicants and flight students with professionalism and first-class accommodations!

Travel to customer's location is possible for additional expenses.  Call for details.

We usually spend November through April in Florida and head back to Just Plane Adventures Lodging and Campground in Medley, West Virginia during the summer from May through October.

Just Plane Adventures Lodging and Campground 

353 Heavens Landing Lane

Medley, West Virginia 26710

AIRNAV(4WV4) Heavens Landing Airstrip  Prior permission required.  

STOL aircraft applicants are welcome to meet me at our Hangar Home at (4WV4) Heavens Landing Airstrip.

  Applicants are welcome to do their Practical Test in a tailwheel aircraft when allowed by FAA regulations.

Check rides in Experimental Aircraft are possible provided the aircraft has the proper equipment for the Practical Test desired and the examiner is comfortable with the aircrafts airworthiness.

Runway 24 is the preferred direction for landing and Runway 6 for a downhill takeoff.  Prior to your approach to land be sure to do a DEER Check!

Usually a fly by will clear the wildlife from the runway before starting your final approach to landing.

Takeoff above is on Runway 6 downhill with no obstacles.

(4WV4) Heavens Landing Airstrip (Runway 24 and 6 2000ft grass) This is a private airport and prior permission is required to determine if the aircraft and pilot fit the environment for taking their Practical Test here.  Our private airstrip is not a good fit for most general aviation applicants so I can meet the applicant at (W99) Petersburg Grant County Airport which is only about 11 miles Southwest of our airport for no additional fee.

FAA Authorized Location: Grant County Airport (W99)

During the summer I meet most of my applicants at the Grant County Airport (W99) in Petersburg, West Virginia.

AIRNAV Grant County Airport (W99)

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